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Custody Services

Do you know there's a more secure way to store and retrieve your Will?

By keeping your Will at FortisWills, you can ensure complete privacy and confidentiality, and protect it from being misplaced, tempered, theft or damage. In fact, your loved ones will only know of your Will when you pass away!

After making the Will, it is important to keep it safely and confidentially. Otherwise, if the Will is tampered, misplaced or lost, it may be considered as you not having a Will at all!

At FortisWills, we offer a proprietary Will Custody Programme where we keep your original Will in a secured and safe environment. In addition, we will scan your Will and save a digital soft copy of the Will in our secured server. Your original Will is then kept and locked up in our fire and waterproof vault. The unique feature of this programme is that we will provide a Custody Card that will help inform your loved ones at the appropriate time that your original Will is in our custody while maintaining privacy and confidentiality at all times.