Free Seminar on Wills & Intestacy (English)

Making a Will is an important and yet often neglected part of estate planning.
Some of us are not aware of the adverse consequences (more costs and longer wait to access the estate)
of not having a valid Will when we pass on. Whereas, the rest of us are simply procrastinating.

Objectives of this seminar:

  • What is a Will?
  • Who’s who in a Will?
  • Why appointing an executor and guardian is important?
  • What assets can you give under a Will?
  • What if you do not have a Will?
  • Why you should not procrastinate in making your Will?

Time: 7.30-8.30pm
Venue: 21 Jurong Gateway Road #04-01 CPF Jurong Building Singapore 608546
Organiser: FortisWills Legacy Centre
Seminar will be conducted in English