Why FortisWills

Affordable. Accessible.

Established in 2004, FortisWills is a boutique company that offers affordable and accessible will writing service, safekeeping and custody service, and probate assistance. We offer both standard and bespoke wills tailored to your specific circumstance.

Highest Number of Wills Produced.

Through partnerships with insurance companies, banks, financial institutions and various community and grassroots organisations, we have produced one of the highest number of wills in Singapore to date. Evidently, the level of professionalism and effectiveness our qualified will-writers possess have proven to be one of the best in this industry.

Professional & Highly Efficient.

Our wills are effective under the Singapore law, and to date, none of our wills have been successfully challenged. This remarkable achievement is made possible by our effective standard operating procedures (SOPs), a team of friendly, professional and highly efficient lawyers and will writers, and robust technological capabilities that we have developed over the years.

Strong After-Sales Care Service.

With our rigorous SOPs, you can be assured that your will is kept under high security and in confidence. We have also put in place a strong after-sales care service that allows your family and loved ones to access and execute your will quickly and effortlessly.


We are responsible and ethical professionals who conduct our business with utmost integrity, offering fair and transparent pricing with no hidden costs. To us, upholding our customer’s trust is our driving force and the key to success.


Our commitment to professionalism and competency is uncompromising. Bound by a strict code of business conduct, the only level of standard and quality acceptable to us is excellence.


We offer one of the highest security in the safekeeping of wills. Our constant investment in cutting-edge technology also ensures that our structure is future-proof.

Get Your Will Done In A Single Session!

Let our team of professional Estate Planners and Will Writers provide you a solution to ensure that your legacy in passed on properly and your
loved ones are protected. You pay only for what you need and nothing more.

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