Affordable Will Services – Get it done easily

Do you know that you can get your Will done for as low as $388?

We have done this a lot and for a long time, and we know our stuff well. Very well.

That’s why we can help you make your Will at a highly affordable rate.

Our team of professional Estate Planners and Will Writers supported by our two legal advisors, offer excellent customer service to our clients. We are knowledgeable, diligent and care for the human element behind every Will. Every client who walks into our office has a story to tell. They give us the characters, the setting, the plot and the intentions. Our aim is to give them a solution to ensure that their legacy is passed on properly and their loved ones protected.

At FortisWills, we firmly believe in capturing intentions first with a value-added service. A simple Will is fairly inexpensive. You pay for what you need and nothing more.

Through our preferred law firm, Fortis Law Corporation, an award-winning mid-sized law firm in Singapore well known for the passion and quality of their solicitors’ work, we provide the entire spectrum of legal services complementary to the drafting and execution of your Will.

Affordable Will Services

FortisWills is one of the most established estate planning and will-writing companies in Singapore. FortisWills has done the most number Wills in Singapore; over 20,000 Wills have been done as of January 2018. Founded by Mr Patrick Tan, who is a lawyer by profession and founder of award-winning law firm Fortis Law Corporation and a strong advocate in advance care and estate planning, and Mr Rave Chen, who is a certified Associate Estate Planning Practitioner and the co-founder of the Fortis Life Group of Companies, FortisWills was set up with the sole mission of assisting the community in ensuring that their legacy is properly passed on to their loved ones.

With FortisWills, you can be assured that we not only make your Will; we also provide services that can help prepare you and your loved ones adequately for your advance care if one day you should fall ill and lose the ability to communicate or look after yourself.

With our preferred referral partners, we also help you build and enhance your wealth and legacy so that you will have adequate resources for your medical and advance care, and when you pass on, to ensure that you leave a legacy to your loved ones.